forentijn hofman: fat monkey made of flip flops

This project is amazing! It’s terrible and cold here in New York and all I want is to go down to Brazil and build a fat monkey out of flip flops with some cool people.

forentijn hofman: fat monkey made of flip flops.

Legalize! Hypothetical Pot Packaging

This is nothing short of awesome. Print Magazine asked design studio Heads of State to create hypothetical packaging for marijuana, were it to be made legal in New York.

Japanese Rice Field Art

Absolutely amazing.  Trust the Japanese to pull of something awesome like this; can you imagine this happening anywhere else? Crop art is nothing new, but apparently this kind of detailed crop art can only be achieved with the aid of computer imaging.  Read the story here.

How do we achieve Harmony? GOOD and Prius team up for awesome minisite

I’m loving this informative minisite about the interconnected factors of achieving a sustainable and harmonious future. I’m a huge fan of GOOD magazine’s infographics and of Toyota’s advertising for the Prius, and this seems like a really fitting collaboration. I believe that interactive advertising is the way of the future, and this site is so enjoyable that I don’t feel like I’m being pitched to at all. Check out the site here.

Gigapan aerial view of Burning Man ’09

Check out this rad pannable aerial view of Black Rock City. So sad I didn’t make it this year. Next time…