Postnuptial Paradise – Santorini

By far our most visually striking honeymoon destination, Santorini completely took my breath away. We forgot to eat lunch on our first afternoon there because we were too busy taking photos. Our hotel room was perfectly perched for an incredible view of the small cliff town of Oia; heaven on earth.

Postnuptial Paradise – Istanbul

Now that you’ve seen the iPhone photos, here’s the real deal. All photos shot with my Panasonic Lumix LX-5.

Stranded in Amsterdam

As fate (a.k.a. Hurricane Irene) would have it, we became marooned honeymooners when our flight to JFK was postponed for three nights due to the storm. We were stranded in Amsterdam in the interim, and didn’t mind one bit…

Instant Italy

Mobile snapshots from our whirlwind trek through Italy. We hit Naples, Pompei, Positano, Orvieto, Siena, Bologna, Abano Terme, Venice and Florence in 10 days.

Glimpses of Greece

Mobile snapshots from the second two stops on our honeymoon: Athens and Santorini. One a vibrant collage of culture and history, the other an obscenely picturesque paradise; both incredible adventures.

Impressions of Istanbul

Mobile snapshots from the first stop on our honeymoon. Istanbul was the perfect place to kick off our 3 weeks of paradise; what a visual feast!


Finally posting some photos from my visit to the Taj Mahal this January. It was a cloudy day but no less beautiful than expected…

The Garden of Five Senses

This is a random garden in Delhi that we visited for a few hours. It was filled with couples tucked behind bushes in search of a rare moment of privacy.

Escape to India

The first of several photo sets from my recent trip to India. Taken mainly on the streets of Delhi but a few at the end are in Agra.