Finally posting some photos from my visit to the Taj Mahal this January. It was a cloudy day but no less beautiful than expected…

The Garden of Five Senses

This is a random garden in Delhi that we visited for a few hours. It was filled with couples tucked behind bushes in search of a rare moment of privacy.

Escape to India

The first of several photo sets from my recent trip to India. Taken mainly on the streets of Delhi but a few at the end are in Agra.

Tame Impala - Expectation from Modular People on Vimeo.

Tame Impala’s Trippy New Video – “Expectation”

Tame Impala does more than live up to our expectations with this awesome new video directed by Clemens Habicht.

forentijn hofman: fat monkey made of flip flops

This project is amazing! It’s terrible and cold here in New York and all I want is to go down to Brazil and build a fat monkey out of flip flops with some cool people.

forentijn hofman: fat monkey made of flip flops.

Tame Impala – ‘Desire Be, Desire Go’

I was really excited to see Tame Impala at Bowery Ballroom yesterday and they did not disappoint. Despite the lead singer having lost his voice, they put on an incredible show. This video really doesn’t do it justice – I had to shoot it in vertical because there was someone blocking my view – but it gives you a taste. Check out their daytrotter session for free jammed-out tracks.

Stardeath + White Dwarfs – ‘The Birth’

This was the most epic opening act performance I’ve ever seen; I was completely floored by Stardeath + White Dwarfs last night at Bowery Ballroom. Fronted by the nephew of Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, they descended from a far corner of space (aka Oklahoma City) to fulfill their destiny as prophets of the psych rock revival.


Great posters by Minga. They capture my exact sentiments on this lovely Monday afternoon.

Dirty Gold – California Sunrise

It’s undeniably chilly here in Manhattan, so naturally I’m in the midst of compiling another beachy, Balearic bliss pop playlist as a means of escape. It helps me stay strong as I brave my cross town walk from home to work, which thanks to Daylight Savings Time is now in the dark. This track from Dirty Gold is making me wonder why I’m not on the West Coast…